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“Pacific Northwest Lifestyle Blog?”

We started this as a travel blog around 2018 but then found that more of our adventures were close to home.

And we love it here!

So we added an events calendar, then re-added it after the pandemic had eased and events started back up. What you’ll find here we often think of as a “granola.” We cannot seem to stay on one topic, so it’s a mix: PNW, trivia, events, information about outdoor gear, cycling, travel, and photography. We tend to write about what we’re enjoying doing at the time, but plan to start adding more about specific townsand place to visit — starting with our own, at some point!

We also welcome post contributions from members, as well as starting groups on some related topics.


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Here’s what you’ll find on this page to get started:

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We guess a coffee-cup rating system is as good as any! Here are the top-rated nine items on our website right now.

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    Our most recent articles from the blog

    Washington State Cycling Laws and Rules image of female cyclist on a road bike
    cropped Owly New

    Washington State’s Cycling Rules of the Road

    If you cycle in Washington State, there are some rules that every cyclist should know. Continue reading to discover what they are and why they are important.

    stick figure cyclist with pedal having fallen off for the my bike pedals fell off post
    1688567518 bpthumb

    My Pedal Fell Off My Bike!

    I was recently in an accident and (mildly) injured because my bike pedal fell off. Why did it happen? And how can you prevent it from happening to you?

    Aerial Shot of Poulsbo from Liberty bay
    1688567518 bpthumb

    Visiting Poulsbo: Little Norway on Liberty Bay

    Poulsbo, located in the Kitsap Peninsula of Washington State, is sometimes called “Little Norway” because of the Norwegians who settled here over 100 years ago. Here’s a bit more about this charming PNW town and what to do if you visit.

    Seattle Shakespeare in the Park Productions Featured Image
    1688567518 bpthumb

    Outdoor Shakespeare (and other outdoor performances) Near Puget Sound

    Just updated for 2024, and we’re still adding plays! We love Shakespeare in the Park and other outdoor theater performances! Pack a picnic and a blanket and sit in the sun (or in some cases under the stars). Here’s a brief guide to some PNW (mostly Seattle area) Shakespeare in the Park productions.

    Shakespeare Trivia Quiz
    1688567518 bpthumb

    How Much Do You Know About Shakespeare? Trivia Quiz

    For along while, we’ve had a post about local Shakespeare in the park events on our blog – we’re updating it for the year and decided to add a fun (we think) Shakespeare trivia quiz too.

    Legend of Zelda Cosplayers at Sakura Con 2015 in Seattle PNW Geeky Events
    1688567518 bpthumb

    Geeky Events in the PNW

    Like comics, anime, cosplay? Sci-fi? Fantasy? This is a list of some of the major “geeky” events in the PNW.

    Blog News

    “State of the blog” type posts: website news, announcements, changes, updates, etc.

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    We sometimes diverge from our main topics. Here’s what we added last time we did.

    Raffles and Contests

    We very occasionally hold a raffle or contest. Generally items are very small. Here’s is (or was) or most recent raffle or contest.

    Pin and Earring Raffle Image
    1688567518 bpthumb

    April Raffle: Enamel Pins (and Earrings)

    For April we’re doing a giveaway of some of our enamel pins (and a pair of earrings).

    Recent Videos

    Recent (starting in April 2024) videos from our various YouTube channels.

    Recent Routes

    Routes are map pages featuring a track and waypoints. Here are our lastest ones:

    Walking up the hill at Poulsbo Fish park
    1688567518 bpthumb

    Poulsbo’s Fish Park: A Meander Around the Trails

    Poulsbo’s Fish Park is a wonderful natural area and easy family-friendly hike in Kitsap County.

    york snickelways walk in process 79409
    1688567518 bpthumb

    York Snickelways Walk (In Process)

    We are in the process of re-creating our walk around the York Snickelways. We’ll add some new icons, photos, and descriptions in the future. Our walk was based on the book “The Snickelways of York,” though we wish we’d had more of a GPS guide when we did our walk …

    Read more

    scotland north coast 500 ish route in process 79407
    1688567518 bpthumb

    Scotland North Coast 500-ish Route (In Process)

    *Currently, this is in process and is a placeholder we published so we can add to it without it accidentally ending up auto-posting anywhere. Our intention is to gradually detail the route WE took from Edinburgh and up into and around the highlands. We drove more miles than the “official” …

    Read more

    path of philosophy plus 79252
    1688567518 bpthumb

    Path of Philosophy Plus

    The Path of Philosophy is a classic Kyoto route and a short and easy walk. However, the route listed here is “plus” as it starts at the subway station, goes under a spiral tunnel, takes a stop at a few temples and inclused the “official” Path of Philosophy in the …

    Read more

    snoqualmie to remlinger farms ride 78962
    1688567518 bpthumb

    Snoqualmie to Remlinger Farms Ride

    This was a fun ride we did years ago inspired by an article in the Seattle Times, as I recall. The ride starts in Snoqualmie and turns around to head back at Remlinger Farms. I recall there being berries on the way — though we were just a bit too …

    Read more

    damon point state park beach and bird walk 78901
    1688567518 bpthumb

    Damon Point State Park Beach and Bird Walk

    Damon Point is a park in Ocean Shores that is on a small spit or peninsula. It’s a great place for watching birds. One side faces the bay — I found that side to be better for bird watching. The other, the ocean. Parts of the middle of the park …

    Read more

    Recent Galleries

    Photo galleries are always a work-in progress. Some have a few images; some have many. Some may be cooperative galleries to which members may upload photos to share.

    Hikers on Naches Peak trail loop near Mt. Rainier
    1688567518 bpthumb

    Hiking and Trails Stock Photos

    Downloadable photos of trails or people hiking on trails.

    ActivitiesGenres and SubjectsHiking and TrailsStock PhotosStock Photos and Videos
    Animals, Brinnon, Dosewallips North Tidal Area Trail, Dosewallips State Park, Elk, Jefferson County, Nature, Washington State, Wildlife
    1688567518 bpthumb

    Wildlife Stock Photos

    Photos of animals available for download.

    AnimalsGenres and SubjectsNatureStock PhotosStock Photos and Videos
    Snowy Day in Poulsbo
    1688567518 bpthumb

    Poulsbo Cooperative Gallery

    A gallery of photos of Poulsbo, WA that allows for user uploads.

    Cooperative GalleriesMember AlbumsPlacesTowns and Cities
    A Viking Ship in the Poulsbo Viking Fest Parade.
    1688567518 bpthumb

    Poulsbo Viking Fest

    A gallery of photos tagged as Poulsbo Viking Fest. It’s also a cooperative gallery, so it allows uploads from logged-in users to share your photos of the event.

    Cooperative GalleriesEventsGenres and SubjectsMember Albums
    Vikings aren't only from Poulsbo! This Viking ship in the 2023 Viking Fest parade is from Bremerton. Events, Kitsap, Kitsap County, Kitsap County Events, Parade, Parades, Poulsbo, Poulsbo Events, Poulsbo Viking Fest, Washington State, Washington State Events
    1688567518 bpthumb

    Poulsbo Viking Fest Parade 2023

    Gallery of a few photos from the 2023 Poulsbo Viking Fest parade.

    EventsGenres and Subjects
    A parade goer at the 2017 Poulsbo Viking Fest parade sports a pair of horns. Events, Horned Helmet, Kitsap, Kitsap County, Kitsap County Events, Pacific Northwest Events, Parade, Parades, Poulsbo, Poulsbo Viking Fest, Poulsbo Viking Fest Parade, Poulsbo Viking Fest Parade 2017, Viking, Viking hat, Viking Helmet, Washington State Events
    1688567518 bpthumb

    Poulsbo Viking Fest Parade 2017

    This is a gallery of some images from Poulsbo Viking Fest 2017

    EventsGenres and Subjects

    PNWWiki: Latest Glossary Terms

    Our “PNWWiki” section is a glossary. Well, make that three glossaries. There’s the PNWWiki which has places, people, terms, etc from the PNW. There’s the “Photoglossary” to which we (intend to) add photography terms, and the “Cyclopedia” where we add bike terms. It serves as a reference as the first term found in our glossary is auto-linked when it’s found on a page.

    Snowy Day in Poulsbo
    1688567518 bpthumb


    Glossary entry about Poulsbo, WA, a lovely town in Kitsap County, WA sometimes called “Little Norway” due to its Norwegian founders.

    Also read our post about Things to do in Poulsbo. (coming soon)

    Kitsap County Cities and TownsPNW City and Town ProfilesPNWWikiWashington State Cities and Towns
    An example of a wireless dropper post
    1688567518 bpthumb


    The seatpost is a tube that extends from the bike frame’s seapost tube upwards and holds the saddle in place.

    Saddles and SeatpostsBike PartsCyclopedia
    An example of a wireless dropper post
    1688567518 bpthumb

    Dropper Post

    A dropper post is a type of bicycle seatpost that can be raised and lowered during cycling by use of a trigger mounted on the handlebar or, in some cases, by use of a lever on the seatpost.

    Saddles and SeatpostsBike PartsCyclopedia
    A photo of a suspension fork stanchion and a dropper post stanchion.
    1688567518 bpthumb


    One definition of a stanchion is an upright bar or post that provides support for something else. In regard to bikes, this can be part of a suspension fork or the upper post section of a dropper post.

    Bike PartsCyclopediaFrame and ForkSaddles and Seatposts
    8d69194a0b44d43fbd2199ffff0eda12 Port Townsend Starlight Room (8 of 10)
    1688567518 bpthumb

    Rose Theater

    The Rose Theater in Port Townsend started its life in 1907 and was restored as a loved movie theater in 1992. This entry also discusses the Starlight Room.

    PNWWikiBuildings and ArchitectureBusinesses and VenuesCinemaTheaters
    Bald eagle with a fish.
    1688567518 bpthumb

    Bald Eagle

    The bald eagle (haliaeetus leucocephalus) is a large bird of prey known easily identifiable, as an adult, by its white head.

    Nature and WildlifeBirdsPNWWiki

    We sell a few handmade items and enamel pins — and also list favorite items related to the topics of this website from other vendors.

    Social Stuff: Groups & Forums

    We’ve started some groups. Right now they’re *very* small. At the very least they are another way subscribers could choose to keep up on content we’re posting as we post our latest content to some of them.

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    Other Content Areas

    We’ve organized much of our content into “hubs” of related material. If you want to subscribe to a particular area by email, you can visit our newsletters page and customize what you receive.


    Our PNW Hub includes content about the PNW be it things to do, places to go, or thoughts on the area.

    Events Calendar

    Our calendar features events from around the PNW, but with a primary focus on Western Washington State, where we live. We may also include online events out of the area but with a focus on travel, photography, nature, etc.


    We love to travel, and have more to write on the subject! These days, however, our primary focus is on our local area. We also welcome travel posts from guest authors.


    Posts about photography, photography books, thoughts on the craft.


    We feature enamel pins that we’ve designed, some of our own, handmade stuff, and may sometimes add a PNW or outdoorsy item from elsewhere that we like.


    We sometimes read and review or write about books about the PNW, written by local authors, or books on a travel or PNW theme be it fiction or non-fiction. We also read and review off-topic books from time to time.


    We love bikes! So sometimes we write about them. Our own cycling has changed over the years but we believe that, whatever type of bike you ride, or where you ride it, you’re a “real” cyclist!

    Nature & Wildlife

    At some point we noticed…birds. And we love other wildlife, of course…so sometimes we write about them.

    Trivia (and polls)

    Challenge your knowledge with trivia quizzes. We don’t have many yet but we plan to add more! We also sometimes add polls about different topics. Members can also create polls on related subjects.

    pacific northwest travel and lifestyle blog image panoramic of mount baker from mt constitution

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