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Pacific Northwest is a journal of PNW places, travel, local things to do, local events, photography, book reviews, and a small shop. We started out intending to be a travel blog, but found more motivation (and more time and money) to write about local adventures than places abroad. Fortunately, we live in a beautiful area with water, mountains, and lots to do!

You might find, in our pages, links to recommended events, reviews of books by local authors, travel posts, entries about individual local places, wildlife — or whatever we happen to do or that catches our interest.

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The blog is the main section with posts about the PNW, things to do, travel, book reviews, etc.

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Events Calendar

Our little local events calendar has returned.

Fighting Eagles


We wanted a place to put miniposts…so we added a glossary/wiki section about local places, nature, & more.

Shoptopus Shopping Octopus for Shop Page


We have a small shop feauring mostly handmade items with a PNW, travel, or outdoorsy theme.

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Albums of snapshots from the site as well as some images for sale and photography posts.

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If you have a question or suggestion, find it here — or ask one.

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Search PNW routes (hiking, cycling, walking, etc) or add your own to share with others

Wandering Mind

Wandering Mind

Sometimes our editor’s mind wanders and she goes off-topic. So she created a little corner of this site to assuage her brain’s wanderlust.

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